Finding the Right Tennis Racquet
The search is never easy, but it's always worth it. Before I started looking for a new tennis racquet, I had been hitting tennis balls with the same racquet for ten years! Ten years! Imagine that. There is no way that my raquet was not extremely flexed. A raccquet getting flexed is what happens when you hit a tennis ball one too many times with your tennis equipment. Over time, the racquet begins to bend. Often, players use their racquets pointing the same direction without even noticing it... this leads to even more flex, which is dangerous to the quality of the racquet.

So, my racquet is flexing, I've replaced the tennis racquet grommet at least 10 times. It was simply time for a new stick. But that's a big question. And to be honest, I wasn't sure quite where to start on my search to find a new tennis racquet. You've got a lot of different places you can look. I suppose I started my search by looking at different online inventories and reviews. I linked to the one that I foudnd most reliable above. Anyway, as you begin to look through these reviews, you'll see that the same racquets pop up over and over, these are where I focused my efforts.

I knew that I wanted a racquet that would allow me to hit with both power and control. Often you'll read that in order to get one of these features, you'll need to sacrifice some of the other. For example, in order to up your racquet power a bit, you need to sacrifice your ability to control the ball. Conversely, articles claim that in order to increase your control, you need to sacrifice a few MPHs. I was unwilling to fall into this trap of thinking.

My choice ended up being the Roger Federer Racuqet. You seem him use it all the big tournaments, particularly at his favorite, Wimbledon. He uses this racquet with such ease and efficiency, it was hard to not think that I would have the same results. And while it is for certain that I am not yet at Roger's ability on the court, I am certainly becoming more proficient. Once I switch to a one handed backhand like the great Roger Federer, I will have better luck.

As I wrapped up my search for that new best tennis racquet, I also knew that I needed to make sure I kept practicing with it! To do that, I looked at Tennis Club Supplies' review of the best portable tennis nets. The advantage of these nets is that I can bring them anywhere. I also really like how they allow me to raise and lower. In a match, the height of the net is always the same, but in practice, it can be helpful to raise and lower the height. Although don't lower it, just raise! If you raise the net, then when you get into a match the height of the net will feel very low meaning you won't miss many balls in the bottom of it.